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Environmental certification is a form of environmental regulation and development where a company can voluntarily choose to comply with predefined processes or objectives set forth by the certification service.

The primary motivations for many companies who choose to implement Environmental Certification schemes are, to provide an ethical product for the consumers, increase sustainable development, improve the image of the company, gain a better relationship with stakeholders and to make a higher profit.
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Get in, and stay in,  EPA compliance by receiving the best possible training you can find. Get your  EPA Certifications today!

EPA compliance essentially means conforming to environmental laws, regulations & standards. As of late, environmental issues have led to a large increase in the number & scope of compliance imperatives across all global regulatory environments.   Today is the day to get your EPA compliance training!


Mold Inspector Certification 8.0  
Industrial Hygiene: Basic 1.0  
The Clean Air Act 2.0 

Environmental Specialist + 40Hr Hazwoper Pkg
ISO 14001:2004 EMS Auditor+Environmental Specialist Pkg#1
ISO 14001:2004 Overview + Environmental Specialist Pkg#2

Environmental Specialist Certification 24.0
RCRA 8 Hour Refresher  8.0  
RCRA 8 Hour Refresher - California  8.0
RCRA: What the Law Requires  4.0
RCRA in Day to Day Operations  2.0 
The Clean Air Act 2.0
Stormwater Management During Construction  8.0
Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) 3.0
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure 2.0  
Spill Prevention and Release Reporting 2.0
Stormwater Discharges and Permits in Construction  2.0

Hazards of Asbestos in the Workplace  1* hrs
Legal Liabilities of Asbestos Inspectors  2* hrs

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Sample EPA Compliance Courses

Mold Inspector Certification
NAMP Certification is the most respected certification in the industry.  A NAMP certified mold inspector identifies potential mold infestation in a house or building. Our program provides you with  fundamental knowledge about fungi and the potential health risks of toxigenic mold. We teach you the different ways to inspect for/control mold infestation and how to ensure your safety during the process.

We will also explain the different tools and personal protective equipment used during the inspection process. For each area of a house or building, the course will show:
  • what to inspect,
  • how to access it, 
  • sampling methods to use if mold is indicated.
  • explaination of  the testing procedures
  • legal requirements used by an AIHA certified laboratory
  • how to interpret the results of laboratory testing.

Certified Environmental Specialist
The Certified Environmental Specialist course has been established to give an intensive overview on EPA regulations to professionals who are working within the safety and environmental fields. Working on environmentally sensitive projects that can pose a potential danger to the public or environment-environmental compliance knowledge and implementation is a must in the workplace. 
This course covers over 24 hours of EPA regualtion including 
  • Clean Air Act (CAA), 
  • Clean Water Act (CWA), 
  • SPCC, 
  • RCBA, 
  • EPCRA, 
  • TSCA, 
and environmental compliance planning and expectations. Upon completion of this course students will recive a certificate certifying them as a Certified Environmental Specialist.

This course is designed for environmental professionals who want to maximize their environmental compliance and ensure public safety in the workplace.  It will  enable those who successfully complete the qualifications to implement updated environmental compliance programs at their facility.

Spill Prevention Release & Reporting 
An in-depth view of the federal requirements for Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasures are covered in this course (a (SPCC plan). It also provides a complete analysis of the development of SPCC rules and regulations. Development of SPCC plans requires detailed knowledge of the facility & the potential effects of any oil spill. This course includes such information as:
the current SPCC regulations
contingency plans
facility response plan
reporting requirements to help prevent oil spills that could reach navigable waters of the United States or adjoining shorelines.

RCRA 8 Hr Refresher 
Environmental Compliance Professionals who want to maximize their compliance efforts for safety in the workplace will love this refresher course. We will cover the various types of hazardous waste that may occur at work sites and suggest precautions and protective measures to reduce or eliminate these hazards.
We will examine: 
the federal Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA)
the role of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
the role of the individual states in controlling hazardous wastes
We will learn how to comply with the RCRA program, which the EPA has developed to manage hazardous wastes from “cradle to grave,” i.e., from the time it is generated to its ultimate disposal.

The Clean Water Act and Day to Day Operations
This environmental training course discusses different important sections of the Clean Water Act. The NPDES Permit Program is the  major component of the Clean Water Act.  The Clean Water Act prohibits  discharging pollutants through a point source into the water of the United States unless they have an NPDES permit. This course also provides:
basic information about the NPDES Permit Program
guidelines for permit writers
the most updated EPA regulations regarding the NPDES Program
Additionally, this course also covers water quality standards, TMDL Programs, and wetlands as described under CWA.